Monday, September 5, 2016

Beach Thick-knees lead me a merry dance

They're up to something, these Beach Thick-knees (Stone-curlews) (Esacus magnirostris). Took stroll along Lucinda sandspit yesterday and met the pair behaving suspiciously.

They slunk out from behind my back, led me up the spit, circled back, split up, came together again, ran toward me, stopped, propped, ducked into the dune grasses, and popped up again out the shore side. A merry dance indeed.

Are they just playing games? is there an eggy hollow somewhere in the sand? Or some little feathery bundle or two? Off tomorrow to have another look, weather willing.

Elsewhere, major meeting of Caspian Terns offered flight shots ...

... and similar chances with Great Knots. The migrants are among us!


Mosura said...

Wonderful birds those Beach Thick-knees. Great photos too.

Tyto Tony said...

Sure are. But can't be trusted. Went back today - and found very mature third Thick-knee. So, no eggs or little ones, just a big junior male of female.

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