Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Life questions for Man-Faced Stink Bug

How would you like to grow up as a  Man-faced Stink Bug? Hard to face that sort thing every morning. Stare in the mirror and know you'll be a Stink Bug. All day. Every day.

And what about the other half. Should she be pleased that she's not a Woman-Faced Stink Bug? Or annoyed to lack gender identity?

Do the nymphs know what's ahead of them? Perhaps because they're not yet man-faced, not even baby-faced, they're yet to know their fate.

Worse. Being an Australian Man-Faced Stink Bug is to be denied existence. Wikipedia and others place you in many Asian and Island lands, but not in Oz. Sometimes life just stinks!

Catacanthus incarnatus pair mating and nymphs sunbathing in Tyto today did not comment.

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