Friday, April 16, 2010

Crimsons lead in breeding bonanza

Tyto teeming with tinkling young Crimson Finches (Neochmia phaeton). Plenty more on the way as nesting carries on apace. Why stop with one lot of four or five? Five for Mum, five for Dad. Maybe even five for the country (he smirked).

Also numerous, but not so fixed on nonstop breeding, Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis) finds time to sing and enjoy the warmth this week.

Bad news at Shining Flycatcher nest? Well, female turned up again yesterday and today. The epic nest build is back on. Be 2011 before eggs are laid at the present erection (pun if you like) rate.

Found another four young Comb-crested Jacanas today. That's eight thriving in main lagoon system. Above, four more (one hidden behind egg on left) on the way.

Parent resented the attention, but 'threatening' display actually drew me to look for the eggs.


mick said...

Fantastic! Two species that I have only heard about and never YET seen and you have them right close where you can watch them on the nest and with young ones! Please keep the photos coming!!

Mosura said...

Love the nest shot. The Cisticola looks a little gobsmacked :-)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony.
You amaze me with your Jacanas. I can only see a few eggs.
The Shining Flycatcher is beautiful, but maybe she is the Paris Hilton of the bird world.
All show?

TonyC said...

You're getting some great shots Tony - well done. The cisticola is stunning!

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks all.

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