Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Variation in the trillers

A few White-winged Trillers (Lalage sueurii) have turned up from down south lately. Female (above), male (below).
She's thinking food; he's frantic to attract females. Sound familiar?

Varied Trillers (Lalage leucomela) stick together and some always stick close to Tyto. So, Varieds are limited largely to coastal east and across the top but White-wingeds cover the continent. See my drift?


Duncan said...

Nice shots of the trillers Tony, you must be very happy up there in paradise!

mick said...

Very interesting photos. I've seen numbers of Varied Trillers but no White-winged Trillers. I don't' know if I just haven't looked in the right places or if this very coastal habitat is not to their liking?

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Duncan: Ah, Paradise! Sipping honeydew and all manna of things. It's a sweet life all right.

Hi Mick: White-wingeds not much into paperbarks but should be some down your way in coastal woodlands.

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