Saturday, August 17, 2019

Brown Snake proves an obliging subject

Wonder of wonders! Went out today geared up for snakes rather than birds and found an obliging 1.4m Brown Snake waiting patiently for me.

Very patient in fact. Lay motionless for series of long shots alongside much-used track between Pellarenda and Jacana hide in Townsville Town Commmon Conservation Park.

Sensed that I needed look at other side of head.

Must always get good look at the forked tongue. Then slid quietly away when I was done.

Bit like Red-bellied Black Snake a few days earlier. Apologies for single frame from bad video but be thankful I cut 50 seconds of boring inaction while I walked around another co-operative reptile.

And here's a placid Water Python happy to have me get close. So placid it didn't move when unaware passing hiker planted size 11s within 1.5m of its head. (Amazing what some fitness freaks miss seeing in their heedless headlong matches.)

But Freshwater Crocodile basking within 20 metres of popular Ross River walking path not so keen on posing for closeups. Stayed in place for an hour between being photographed as I birded in Ross River Bush Gardens and my eventual drive through suburbia. But hit the water in a hurry when I tried sneaking within 10 metres.

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