Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Darter catches the early sunlight and the eye

Struck gold early today with female Australian Darter displaying in the early morning sunlight at Aplins Weir on the Ross River, Townsville.

Male Cotton  Pygmy-goose finished second in the beauty stakes.

And male Little Bronze-cuckoo fittingly came an attractive third, after some cosmetic help.


Camel Toe said...

I'm still writing about our simple life. I'm not sure you can even call it a blog, but it's still there. I love reading yours & glad you've kept yours more personal instead of making it a "business". Make SLime With fear-the-people blog

Tony Ashton said...

Thanks, CT. I'll stay simple in response, though tempted otherwise.
But who would want to be sponsored by, say, Perky Pets? The US outfit got the hump years ago when I said no. Quite crotchety, they got. Tight lips and all that. Oops, sorry, but as Oscar said, the only thing for temptation is surrender.

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