Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Forest Kingfisher trio maddening hunchmen

They're driving me mad, these three Forest Kingfishers. After flying out of sight with a parent several months ago they're back. I think they've been to black bird-magic  school. Now you see them, now you don't. Some days one, next day two, then three, then with their equally evil parent.

But I'm onto them and their plan to drive me nuts. Ha! Popping up in front of me and vanishing. Laughing at me behind my back. And, today, in my face. Cunning, they are. Sitting there, all nice as pie right in front of me. Always in the shadows. That's because they know I don't carry a flash.

Like today, up pop the evil hunchmen at Payets, 'kik-kik-kikling' like avian screechers from Endor. Two are on sunlit branches, but too far off. One really close, in shadow. The close one gives the signal, the other two fly by and land nearer. Then one flies right. And while I'm tracking it the other flies  in, and perches unseen two metres above the first, which distracts me by giving a silent laugh and yawn. One's right in front, ignoring me, one's just above in silent stitches at my unawareness. the third's clearly gone off to tell ma or pa about the fun they're having with me. Well tomorrow I'll be flashgunning for them and we'll see who's laughing then.

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