Saturday, December 30, 2017

Little Egret, Red-capped Plovers fight for last bites

Last days of 2017, last days of action on, around and over the last two pools as Townsville Common wetland hardens under baking sunny days - which may last past January. So, bit of pressure for last of prey, as above with Little Egret flexing muscles and wings and things to see off fleeing rival.

And junior Red-capped Plover letting older bird know who's stud of the mud.

Red-necked Stint sticks to stints picking up prey and avoids those picking fights.

Black-necked Stork won't be walking across Payets pool with any more tilapia until next year's Wet (if it comes - no sure thing for Townsville). Even the hardy pest fish species are dying in the deoxygenated water.

But there's still prey enough in the air on and just above the water to keep Gull-billed Tern coming back every day.

And there'll always be the birds to keep me there day after day, wet or dry. Here's to 2018 and more Peregrine Falcons, White-bellied Sea-eagles and Whistling Kites, and . . .


john said...

Nice photos. I have /a dumb question, I thought Little Egrets have yellow feet. Could the top bird be a Reef Egret?

Tyto Tony said...

Hi John,

I've often thought there are more dumb answers than questions. Anyway, Little Egrets start with lighter legs and yellow feet/soles, but get blacker with age and breeding cycles.

Cheers for 2018,

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