Monday, December 11, 2017

Egret gets kicks in out of pool possession

Resident Mr Big among Eastern Great Egrets in the Townsville Common doesn't like sharing the waters at Payets Tower with others of his species.

Sometimes, as today, the intruder needs a lesson in egret kickboxing to get the message.

Seemed even enough at first, but as most agree, possession is nine-tenths of the lore.

Also showing competitive physicality, immature Black-necked Stork (Jabiru), apparently challenged to water race by Little Black Cormorant.

Long legs take time getting up to speed so LBC swam away the honours.

Also entertaining in recent days, catch-of-the-day comps. White Ibis made grand start with fish capture.

Sadly, quickly found that any number of failed swallows don't make a summa, a summit, or summat like that.

Junior Jabiru's dad showed he was the real deal with feel in taking prize for the biggest eel.

Played to the crowd with many grabs and drops before flipping eel up, into, and down, down, down bill and throat.

Two Pelicans were disqualified for refusing to reveal their many catches. 


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