Monday, October 17, 2016

Some somethings in the water around Ingham

Is there something in the water in Ingham? Well, yes there is. Here's a large skink (Ctenotus spp) taking breather after causing White-browed Crake to jump as skink powered through water under bird near the Tyto hide today.

The Crake had being pottering around in muddy shallows before flying across narrow channel by the hide.

Elsewhere, in Tyto, loitering with more intent, Comb-crested Jacanas put their heads together over the issue of 'nest' for coming issue. Weed on lotus leaf was their fourth go at laying platform. Then down came 30mm of rain welcomed by all local gardeners. But the Jacanas must start over.

Elsewhere, at Mungalla Station, little Saltwater Crocodile pokes head from shallows, perhaps looking for any of 5-6 siblings in the lower Palm Creek wetlands. Or for 4m mum.

And what else is in the Ingham water? Fluoride, that's what. And that's as it should be. But yet again the flat-earthers are battering at the shire's door, demanding its removal. What care they that 99% of health and science is for fluoridation, they all know ... what? Scary, how little might hide behind three little dots!

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