Sunday, August 7, 2016

You can't beat the call of the wild - or can you?

Just as well there were few sightseers about in Tyto this morning as I engaged Pheasant Coucal in all-out silly noises competition. I claim the bird started it. Probably reverse claim made once my opponent went to ground. 'Yeouwch' was formerly my best Coucal call. Much wider repertoire these days. Sometimes I even imagine the birds take this sort of thing seriously. More likely they're actually calling attention to the nutter beneath them making funny faces and even stranger noises.

But ... but there is more to this than meets the ear. Here's a terrible picture of an Olive-backed Oriole in Tyto today. The bird gave forth a series of the usually wide variety of Oriole sounds, and then brought out a superb Pacific Baza 'ee chew'. Had me looking hard for the nonpresent Baza until the Oriole repeated the call. If I work on my calls for another, say, 20-30 years I might fool some bird some day. Meantime, birding will continue to call, every day.

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