Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Australian Raven alights to lighten the gloom

Bit of biz in the big smoke today so headed off in the dark for spot of birding soon as automatic gate opened at Townsville Common. Lot of light cloud and light drizzle and dark unidentifiable birds in the early gloom. And things stayed dark - but in a good way.

Australian Raven dropped on to pandanus beside the Troopy and proceeded with fussy morning toilette. ((Bird didn't budge at my presence, or flinch from low-power flash. Because ... and this is point to note, I was there first. In other words, it chose to enter my space.)

Bush Stone-curlew little less unconcerned at having photographer approaching. But stopped for a bit before walking quietly into deeper cover, along with its mate (imagine second bird out of focus to right of picture as you look at it).

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos!

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