Sunday, March 8, 2015

French's Longicorn beetle lumbers into rare view

Bird chase in Broadwater State Forest Park west of Ingham brought surprise find of infrequently photographed French's Longicorn (Batocera (Tyrannolamia) frenchi) beetle lumbering mightily over the boardwalk towards the giant fig (somewhat reduced by Cyclone Yasi and even more recent canopy losses).

Couldn't find many images of the 5cm-6cm beetle on  the web, but claimed rarity probably reflects the limited number of beetle watchers in Australian rainforests. Might encourage me to do a bit of night mothing and beetling.

1 comment:

Mosura said...

Great find. Such a small distribution on the ALA map.

Beatle watching has declined significantly since the 60's.

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