Thursday, December 18, 2014

Metallic Starlings seen in the best light

Cloudless morning showed Ingham's social-nesting Metallic Starlings (Aplornis metallica) in best light early today.

Not many immatures out and about yet, but plenty of  adults bringing in food for unseen hungry mouths.

It's not all for sharing. Sometimes seems more about showing off some red treasure. Matches the eyes nicely.

Though who needs props when just sitting on a branch looks so splendid?


Duncan said...

That first shot is out of this world Tony!

Gary Wilson said...

Superb images - that new lens is brilliant

Tony Ashton said...

Thanks Duncan, Gary. First pic and some others full frame and only light post processing: levels, curves and wee sharpen. The 600 does most of the work and the 5D3 most of the rest.

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