Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wow, that's gotta be the biggest worm in this bird's world

Black-fronted Dotterel steps in for close look at Red-bellied Black Snake as it emerges from shallow pool alongside Palm Creek, Mungalla Station, Ingham. After speeding through the pool, the snake made leisurely progress across pasture and vanished into thick grasses lining the creek bank. The bird's inspection was casual and cursory. No cause for alarm from either party.

And another few images from the water front, at Tyto lately.

Pelican at edge of main lagoon today.

Plumed Whistling Duck on rocks lining front lagoons yesterday.

Sacred Ibises foraging together.

And 'my' Saltwater Crocodile today ...

... and the trap in place close by. Might be empty for some time yet.  

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