Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mangrove Robin delivers the goods

Where's that man with my morning snack? He can't expect me to do my best mothering on an empty stomach. Hey, I hear something. Food's on the wing at last.

About time too. Wherever have you been?

Yum. Thank you. Hope there's more where that came from.

Off and get it then.  Mangrove Robin (Peneonanthe pulverulenta) at home on two eggs in mangrove fork near coast southeast of Ingham yesterday. 


Pete Shanley said...

Wonderful moment, beautifully captured!

Tony Ashton said...

Thanks, Pete. Longish history with this pair. Twice reared two. Then three failed nestings and one I missed (sole immature survivor still hanging around) and now latest effort. Gumboot territory much of time and mozzies abound!

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