Friday, March 29, 2013

Pair well worth storking about

Loving pair of Black-necked Stork (akaJabiru Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) drawing attention at Cattle Creek, noted flood point passing under the Bruce Highway just south of Ingham.

Proud parents of two flighty youngsters, the adult pair bond with short dances when coming together after spending time apart fishing, or just standing around.

Female (yellow eye) smaller than her mate.

But has taken more fish when I've been watching.

Not that he's impressed by her catches. 


Snail said...

Well, I'm impressed with her catch! Is that a sleepy cod?

And I'm impressed with your photos, as always.

mick said...

I've never seen photos of them dancing before. Beautiful!

Swan Pond said...

Wow thanks for sharing especially the dance photos.

Tony Ashton said...

Thanks all.

More likely tardy and tired tarpon, so they tell me, Snail.

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