Monday, March 4, 2013

Nature's nursery rhyme

Little Miss Muff-it little knew how tough it
would be at Jourama today.
Along came a Pompilid, said Here's looking at you, kid,
and got her in the wasp family way.

Female spider wasps paralyse spiders and store them in burrows, with one wasp egg. 


Denis Wilson said...

Nice work Tony (and the Wasp).
I have never seen them dismantle the Spider like that. Not much of a meal in dry legs, and they just get in the way.

Tony Ashton said...

Hi Denis,

I was surprised how quick it all was. Didn't see initial strike. But spider (probably brown huntsman) came running toward me with wasp running after. Bit of wrestling, then wasp did wee walkabout, back to check spider, then nibble, nibble, nibble and legs all off. Then mystery tour up tree trunk and down, across track, into brush, all with spider tucked under her. Didn't seem to me she had a burrow in mind, but perhaps she was trying to choose between final places for spider and her egg. Ain't nature great?

Barbara said...

Yes nature is great and that's a wonderful story in pictures and words.

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