Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crimson worth the wait

Some days birds seem set to tantalise by refusing to come out into the open. As with this male Crimson Finch (Neochmia phaeton) in Tyto yesterday.

But the mass of grasses and sedge also gave me a chance to edge closer without spooking him.

After 10 minutes - and very briefly - a clear shot. Not great, but worth the wait.
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Andy Wilson said...

Wow, what a great looking bird!
Very much worth the wait. I particularly like the middle photo.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Andy: I've fallen for the fat first pic, too tightly cropped, I know, but there you go!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Tony,
I love the finches. Certainly worth the wait. I too like the middle pic, it has all the features - dark under parts visible etc. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Stunning images Tony, definitely worth your patience and waiting.

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