Monday, July 11, 2011

Crabbing the opportunity

Sea change today failed to find any rarities on the coast at Lucinda (famed for 5km sugar jetty: Yasi-damaged) but did yield a Beach Thick-knee (Esacus neglectus) out hunting soldier crabs (noted for marching forward and not sideways).

The crabs stopped marching and spiralled into the sand and safety and the bird (formerly Beach Stone-curlew) strode off.

Then took off just as we were striding along nicely together.

Left me a bit peeved, but too sunny a day to get crabby. 
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mick said...

Your use of words is always delightful - especially the puns! Very nice photos of the Beach Thick-knee - especially the in-flight ones. (And yes! I do have to remember to call it by the new name! Have they left the latin name the same?)

Tyto Tony said...

Was Burhinus neglectus now Esacus neglectus.

Anonymous said...

Great sequence Tony - certainly worth a drive to Lucinda for a stroll along the sand in the company of Esacus neglectus.

Tyto Tony said...

But no sure thing. In fact, seldom have I ever seen Beachies at Lucinda. Taylor's Beach usually much better bet.

Russell Constable said...

Nice shots favorite shore bird! Had a nice family of 3 Beach Thick Knees at Bramston for a while but halfwits driving on the beach finally moved them on. Posted video of them on you tube as had never seen 3 together before
Whenever I visit your blog I get an overwhelming urge to race out and purchase a decent slr camera!

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