Monday, May 30, 2011

Brown Goshawk found guilty

Suspected for some time Brown Goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus) might be behind gradual reduction in Wandering Whistling duckling numbers.

Evidence scant - apart from bird's sneaky flights across main lagoon - till today.

The bird popped up from within a fallen tree in a drying creek near the lookout.

See the blood? Though not quite a guilty look? Clincher: finding dead duckling under the tree. Case closed!        
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mick said...

A very clever piece of sleuthing and great photos to prove it.

Denis Wilson said...

Oh, Tony
Don't be too hard on it - its just learning.
In the fulness of time I expect to see it perched with an adult Duck proudly held in its talons.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick: Thanks. Though Sherlock would have got there a bit quicker.

Gidday Denis: Little Eagles - not much bigger than large BG - would have a go at an adult duck, but BGs lack their massive leg strength.

Gouldiae said...

Definitely GUILTY!

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