Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old images antidote to cabin fever

Rain, rain, go away! Five days of it. Ingham cut off. Cabin fever setting in. Antidote: take a few unused images.

Sunnier shot, but didn't think it sharp enough: Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) with dragonfly, in Tyto early this year.

Black-fronted Dotterel (Elseyornis melanops) stands amid some morning sparkle. Put picture aside because didn't like the angle.

And two rather wooden Brown Falcons (Falco berigora).      
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mick said...

Sorry about the rain. Stay dry - if possible! About the photos - you're a perfectionist!!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
Still hearing about the rain up your way, and further up.
Its a pretty amazing season, it seems.
As Mick says: Stay Dry.

Tyto Tony said...

Staying mostly dry. Dribbled into town earlier, with small bow waves much of the way. Weather guy talking of La Nina till late May. Time to consider swapping Camry for kayak!

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