Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AF misses the flycatcher action

Wee trip north today to Five-mile Swimming Hole just south of Yasi-ravaged Cardwell offered plenty of action with Lemon-bellied Flycatchers (Microeca flavigaster) and Leaden Flycatchers (Myiagra rubecula).

Missing in action through much of a frustrating hour, auto focus and/or external flash. Birds came and went, so did camera functions.

But even on best behaviour camera would have struggled for sharp capture of sudden spat between two birds.

And in-flight grabs at prey seldom come out much better than the above. Of course, back at home camera works perfectly. Damn it!
Click pix to enlarge


Russell said...

You're a winner just to see them but the first two shots are pretty beautiful.

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks Russell.

Denis Wilson said...

Nice post Tony.
Action shots are good, even if not quite perfect. They are real.

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