Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yasi and me? No worries, mates!

Yasi and me?  Water and power off. Many trees down but caravan and even awning mostly survived. So, we're lucky. Can't  speak for any others. Can report Cockatoos were still flying late yesterday and  some birds up and about today at tailend of the Yasi monster. But it may be a day or two before I get another look at a Metallic Starling (above). 


mick said...

Great that you are OK and the caravan too. The new reports were quite horrendous!

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick: Problem is sorting the hard news from the scary stuff, of which there's more than plenty at present.

Duncan said...

Good to hear Tony, we've been thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tony, we've been a bit concerned about you - very pleased to know that you, caravan and awning have survived. We only had a couple of hours of strong winds as Yasi's top edge gave us a glancing blow.
All the best to you
Barbara & Allen

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks Duncan: I'm really very lucky because now have extension feeding petrol gen power to caravan. Not so green, but needs must.

Hi Barbara, Allen: We down here might not think so, but Yasi's bend to southwest did the majority population at risk quite a favour. Good to hear you escaped lightly.

Gouldiae said...

Good news Tony!
Glad you don't have to head out to 'Isa to collect the van.

Snail said...

Excellent to read that everything's okay with you, Tony. No power at home, so no internet connection. Am leeching off a friend in Atherton today to catch up on as much as I can. (While he's wielding a chainsaw down on the coast.)

Tyto Tony said...

Three ring bolts and some shelter from nearby camp kitchen meant caravan didn't budge, Gouldiae. Scarcely a leak in spite of decrepit fittings and cracked window. Back on town water since. Full electricity supply perhaps by midweek.

Chainsaws, tractors and mighty mulching chippers - and us - going noisy and strong, Bronwen. Hope you get home to power soon. Nice, too, to have friends at these times.

Rae said...

Hi Tony glad to see you made it in one piece. Bit of a blow heh. I'll be able to venture into town tomorrow and check the Tyto Centre out. I've been told it's fine

Tyto Tony said...

Gidday Rae: Info centre looked OK when I cycled by yesterday, but water not getting away from the new lagoons and I couldn't get into main lagoon because of fallen tree over mian entry track and flooded entry at north track.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
Glad you made it out the other side of Yasi OK.

Last straw too much for Double-barred Finch

Townsville Common Cons. Pk, track to Jacana hide, today. Flew off a second later with lighter load.