Friday, February 25, 2011

Chilled Kiwi sees few birds ... for now

Gidday all,   from the land of the chilly long white cloud, Birds? Not so many. Many kilometres on road and great views NZ falcon and harriers. Have caught up with family and friends. Maybe post a pic or two on Mangere Library system next few days. Cheers for now.


mick said...

Chilled you can cope with! Earthquakes no-one can!!

Russell said...

Happy to hear you are well and safe. The southern hemisphere is having a hard time. Would love to see a NZ Falcon.

Anonymous said...

We hope you enjoy your visit with friends and family. You're missing yet more rain in FNQ - it certainly is a full on wet season this year!

Tyto Tony said...

Too true, Mick. Tragic times - but I'm still chilled.

Just got a bit lucky Russell.

Hi Barbara: Heard about lots of rain from Ingham friends. No more than shower or two over me over here thus far.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Tony,
Nice to hear that you haven't gone from cyclone to earthquake. Wot, no Kakapo shots yet?

Tyto Tony said...

Sorry, Gouldiae. Seen rellies and friends, bugger all time for common birds, let alone rarities. Return Qld Friday. To possible floods!!! But NZ too manicured for me.

Last straw too much for Double-barred Finch

Townsville Common Cons. Pk, track to Jacana hide, today. Flew off a second later with lighter load.