Monday, January 3, 2011

Exotics at home in the wetlands

Many Metallic Starlings (Aplornis metallica) flashing low through Tyto's lowering skies these days but had to journey slightly east on Ingham to get closeup of bird (above) on edge of social nesting area in large rain tree.

Meanwhile, back in the wetlands, Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) balance briefly on fence dividing Tyto from suburbia. Unfit to be pictured in such company, Mr Ugly, male Muscovy, in sole possession of front pools, will keep for another day.  
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mick said...

I like the two birds together on the fence. The gray rainy weather has made me quite uninterested in photographing the birds around here - but if we are going to get more of the same I need to do some experimenting with camera settings to suite the conditions. Your photos are always clear and bright and I'm sure you don't have bright weather all the rime!!

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick: Lots go straight into the bin! Minor tweaking of colour levels and saturation can lift an image before sharpening. I also carry powerful flash unit, though don't use it often enough - or all that well.

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