Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bird lists hard to count on

One can almost always count on seeing Yellow Honeyeaters (Lichenostomus flavus) at Tyto. 

And (above, today) White-browed Robins (Poecilodryas superciliosa) seldom fail to turn up for a tick.

Now the boring points about the foregoing. In nicely rounded numbers, alltime Tyto list grew to 240 in 2010.

My total species sighted in 2010: 170. December count: 100. Monthly counts well down on those for previous five years. A wet, greyish year.

So, how long will it now take to see all 240 birds on the list? Assuming someone cares, my answer: never! Too many (10-20) rare/odd sightings. 210 in three years would be my target. 

But only if La Nina clears off soon. Please ...
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mick said...

Interesting conclusions about the total birds you have seen around Tyto. Any ideas why the December count was high in relation to the rest of the year. I second your wish about La Nina!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
La Nina?
Yes, let send that South American strumpet back where she came from.
Australia works better as a dry continent.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Mick: !00 in December low, not high. Rough spread to counts: 40-70 for day; 70-100 for week; 90-130 for month.

Hi Denis: strumpet on one hand, wilful wee boy on other. Where's kindly rose-cheeked, rose-glasses Mother Nature?

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