Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red-browed Finch hard to pin down

Crafty Red-browed Finch (Neochmia temporalis) gathers nest material near Tyto hide today.

Hard to spot nest because bird enters one tree and then sneaks across high into another, where the nest is hidden.

Good chance, however, to get bit closer to the wary species.

Yesterday, chased in-flight images of Rainbow Bee-eaters (Merops ornatus) in high winds along my favourite country road.

But couldn't shoot fast enough in the cloudy conditions.

Anyone else finding their multiple picture uploads no longer working properly?    
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Neil said...

Love the in flight photo of the Rainbow Bee-eater.

Mark Young said...

Fantastic images Tony.

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks guys. But I have to teach the RBEs to slow down a bit.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony.
Copycat - me, but I love the Rainbow Bird in flight too.
The images of the Red-brows are fantastic, of course, but they were sitting still (even if briefly).
I love their black and red beaks.

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