Friday, October 1, 2010

La Nina falls keep species down

September didn't see any Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (Calidris acuminata) in Tyto. (Above bird seen this week, with Common Greenshank and Black-tailed Godwit, on tidal lagoon beside my favourite country road).

It seems with La Nina's hold deepening, more rain falling and Tyto Wetlands water levels at capacity there'll be no muddy shallows to attract migratory waders before the Wet proper sets in. Species count for September, 113, 10 down on 2009.

So, off west to see nesting Wompoo Fruit-Dove (Ptilinopus magnificus), peering distantly through the rainforest gloom, near the Wallaman Falls road. Impossible to gain clear view of bird. Will try again in a week or so. 
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mick said...

You certainly get a good variety of birds around your place including the shorebirds. We do not see Black-tailed Godwit on this end of the bay but they are occasionally seen out at Inskip.

Tyto Tony said...

Bar-tails more usual up this way too. Slightly off seeing just one Black-tail along with solitary Greenshank. Black-tails tend to be in small groups or even larger flocks.

Duncan said...

Lovely shot of the sharpie Tony. Full marks for that one!

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks, Duncan. Could be one of few I see this v wet dry season :-(

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