Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jacana carries on laughing at me

Comb-crested Jacana gets another laugh at my expense. Final egg reported gone yesterday. Today - after two hours of nothing at all - noise on water. Yesterday's 'keening' at 'loss' of egg(s) proves to be warning for tiny hatchling.

As I watch from long way off adult (males do the parenting) folds wing over youngster and skitters away acoss the water lilies with two small legs dangling beneath the left wing.

So, did the first three eggs hatch and get similar treatment? To be stashed in thicker cover? No sign of that. But next few days may tell another story.

Elsewhere, long-necked turtle warms to the day. No interest to the turtle, but its stare just happens to be almost directly up at nest of the Shining Flycatchers (still on x eggs).

And on pandanus very near the same spot, Little Kingfisher looks for another little kill.


mick said...

Fantastic about the Jacana. I saw photos many years ago of a Jacana carrying young that way. I shall wish for more photos for you - especially of the Jacana, please!

Anonymous said...

I think we all get tricked by birds' behaviour now and then ....... so there must be quite a few young Jacana on Tyto now?

Lovely Little Kingfisher photo too.

TonyC said...

Love the little Kingfisher tony.

jorapavi said...

Bonitas captura, saludos

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks all. More Jacanas coming up.

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