Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Egret makes great swallow

Eastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta) makes a great catch and swallow look easy at Tyto today.

After lightning grab the bird strode away from the water, released the fish and regathered it head-first.

Quick juggle and down it goes.

Then, with fish still bulging within the lower neck, it's back to fishing.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
Great series of action shots.
I know how fast these birds "strike" and then "juggle" their prey. So you have done very well to catch it (as has the bird).
Image 2 shows how far back the beak actually is hinged. Close to the back of the head - certainly well behind the eyes.
The beak is actually much larger than it appears to be.
Great Post.

mick said...

Wow! to the fish for a great catch - and to you for great photos! As Denis said you'd have to be quick to catch all that action. Really great photos!

Duncan said...

Great shots Tony.

Tyto Tony said...

Thanks all. But credit also to Canon burst mode.

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