Sunday, October 1, 2023

Worst pictures ever . . . but this Lapwing's a lifer!

The worst pictures ever in about 16 years of blogging but who cares when it's a lifer. Just checked back in crumbling edition of Slater's guide and find - as I suspected - that Banded Lapwing seen yesterday was a first for me. 

The inside back page of the Field Guide to Australian Birds bought well used at an op shop in 2002 shows in fading pencil on tattered soft cover 511 species, a total seen in my almost clueless early years of birding. No pencil mark against Banded Lapwing (Vanellus tricolor).

Making sighting even more special, the milestone bird is well north of its usual range. Not so uncommonly, my sighting resulted from combined efforts of other birders. So often the case! Also of note, that 511 is a considerably greater figure than my total of species seen since I stopped driving long distances and settled down in Ingham and latterly Townsville in 2004. 

Now the challenge is ... better pictures! Another lifer. It's what we live for.

Next day (01/10/23). Meant sploshing through bit of deep mud, but below the reward for getting closer to desired picture quality. 

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