Monday, March 20, 2023

Curlew overhead, crab underfoot, heron into prawn

Plenty of Bush Stone Curlews on the ground in Townsville (lately breeding in gardens close to my door) but less often caught overhead in daylight. Above, one of 36 or so put to flight as I sploshed  the other morning across Rowes Bay Lagoon, part of which backs onto my retirement village.

Even less common, mud crab - getting crabby about camera lens being thrust in its face on the same morning.

Rather better looking (unless you're into crabs) and always sounding joyously alive, Varied Honeyeater in pink climber on bank of Lower Mundy Creek, which feeds into the lagoon during super high tides or - as presently - when maintenance work requires the closing of the two large flood gates. 

Striated Herons regularly found along the creek. Not so often seen with fresh-caught prawn (or maybe shrimp?). Long mangrove tendril appears to have got caught up in heron's strike. Bird darted deep into the shadows to sort things out unseen.   

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