Thursday, August 4, 2022

Fruit, seeds, nuts and mystery bag for breakfast

Long ago, as with many smokers, I'd wheeze, 'Breakfast's for the birds', gulp my coffee and head out to get my teeth into work. Toast and no nicotine or caffeine these days, then out and into the healthier by far world of birds. So, what are they eating these days? Above, Great Bowerbird with ripe Dodder Vine fruit.

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin using woody weed to reach and fill up with tiny seeds from Natal Grass.

Trio of Double-barred Finches during long stint moving slowly from patch to patch of (I think) Paspalum species.

Chunkier stuff for Red-tailed Black Cockatoo with resounding crunches as powerful bill cracks Eucalyptus nuts. 

Mystery bag for Rufous Shrikethrush, an insectivore, so something smaller loses out.

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