Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Greedy Guts snags Magpies' nag prize

Greed is good! Got this straight from insatiable young Australian Blackbacked Magpie bending female parent's ear nonstop along road entrance to Townsville Town Common Conservation Park yesterday.

Insistent and persistent, calls came in spite of junior finding plenty of small prey for itself in the several minutes of hounding mother and thus scoring more than half her finds. Even more telling in greed is good episode, a slightly larger sibling tried demanding a share and was totally out-whinged, sidling off ignored and alone. 

But even the best of Mums must have time - and food - to herself. Sharp look at junior and off she flew. Maybe to give Dad an earful about leaving her with Greedy Guts.

Magpie footedness sightings still 1-1.

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