Friday, September 7, 2018

Parks and Wildlife Service burn destroys Osprey nest

Remember this?

And this?

Or this?

Now the scene is this.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife burned east of road in Town Common Conservation Park yesterday. Nest - with, possibly, hatchling/s - gone. Tree mostly gone. Only one of the three resident Ospreys close by today. Probably last year's youngster, late and yet to go off on its own, nervily calling and being harassed by Black Kites looking for after-burn pickings.

Further up the road, juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle fared better. Base of nest tree charred and ground around it covered in ash but youngster alert and confident today. Parents not sighted: almost certainly out hunting, maybe to add to the 16 turtle shells at base of tree.


mick said...

What were "they" thinking of - or weren't they?!

Tyto Tony said...

It's beyond my understanding, Mick. And sadly I'm almost beyond anger, so often do such things occur.

Unknown said...

Oh that is so sad. It's bad enough when it's a natural fire but not a man made one........

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