Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sticking up for birds on sticks

Sick of birds on sticks? Too bad. They've got to go somewhere, apart from with atlas listings. And I've vetoed barbed wire and similar artificial perches. But BOS 'savers' do build up after failing to fit into blog themes. Apart, that is, from theme of birds on sticks. Original, huh? Above, Sacred Kingfisher near takeoff, Ross River.

Horsfields Cuckoo in early-morning light, Townsville Town Common Conservation Park.

Forest Kingfishers in light and shade, Town Common.

Nutmeg Mannikin male, Ross River.

Mistloebird male with fig, just metres away from Nutmeg.

Pale-headed Rosella, Bald Rock  area, Town Common.

Striated Pardalote, one of pair beside Old Flinders Highway.

White-browed Robin, in thicket by Town Common entry gate.

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