Tuesday, January 23, 2018

All's well after wee flap over flapping junior Jabiru

Jabiru junior shows robust health morning after alarming visitor with much head tossing and wing flapping interpreted as throat obstruction but more likely demands for food from parents.

Last pools at best viewing areas remain wetter than same time last year. But without rain by end of month mud will show through almost everywhere.

No more images of Jabiru (Black-necked Stork) senior jabbing into the water for slippery catches.

No more Black-fronted Dotterel immature poking about at edge of water.

And fewer close views of Brolgas flying in to forage through grasses and, less often, pools.

And no more chances to stand relatively close to Royal Spoonbills, trying combinations of cameras and lenses (top down: 1D+600; 1D+1.4x+600; 7D+1.4+600= 1344mm! Conclusion: kiss - keep it simple, stupid - is best).

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