Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cassowary surprise on Mt Fox road

Out into drought country today for look at Ingham's modern(-ish) volcano, Mt Fox.

Road up the range runs through patches of rainforest. What else runs through rainforest? Big birds with big built-in helmets. Young male Cassowary feeding on seeds (and ignoring sweet lemons on ground nearby). Tried for close-up, but passing truck spooked bird.

What sits on dead branches above rainforest and dry-country trees alike? Rollers, or Dollarbirds (because of their big wing windows). Couldn't cash in on flight pictures because bird took off and didn't return.

And what soars majestically above Mt Fox? One of the six Wedgetail Eagles on view during the morning. (But missed any pictures of less common Varied Sitellas high in trees at base of Fox.)

Bonus rainforest bird (from last trip to Wallaman Falls), Superb Fruit-Dove, heard but unseen today near Cassowary area. 

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