Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Muddy paws and day moths just part of frilly season

Birds! Birds! Birds! Is that all you think of? Well, yes. Mostly. But sometimes something else jumps out of grass, brush or tree and grabs the attention. So, Frilled Lizard in middle of slashed track back of Tyto Wetlands yesterday.

Top image: first grab with 300mm lens, from Troopy; above with 600mm from same point: big difference in depth of field.

And see what happens upon leaving Troopy to get ground-level shots. Off runs Frilly and it's goodbye to the ground.

Sticking to the ground, Agile Wallaby in Tyto digs into cooling mud as recent day moves from high 20s to mid-30s. Plenty more mud and hot days ahead.

Just the thing for North Queensland Day Moths, it seems. See none for months, then the noon-day air is alive with them. Above, somewhat overflashed.

Frustratingly flighty, the moths also seemingly love to come to rest in the most difficult spot for the chasing photographer: upsidedown on the underside of palm fronds is a favourite. Had to wriggle on back across undergrowth for above (underlit) image,

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