Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Giant Grey Huntsman flashes tiny eyes

So much hanging around trees lately probably makes others suspect I've developed a fussy-dog toilet fetish but today turned up a Giant Grey Huntsman (Holconia immanis) that wasn't peed off when its bark hide was turned inside out.

Interesting sidelight to photographing the placid spider was counting the number of flashes reflecting from all those tiny eyes. Best of all, no angry hairy 'monster' threatening to bite me.

No bite threat, no hair, fewer eyes: Gumtree Shield Beetle (Theseus modestus) stands out as attractive bark dweller. Six legs good, eight legs trickier.

And then there's no legs at all. Couldn't get Red-bellied Black to stop for head-on shot so had to settle for harsh crop of snake speeding across gate shadows.

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