Monday, May 25, 2015

Catching them on the wing

Most birds look in their element on the wing. Pity it's so hard to capture them in the air. Distant looks at Welcome Swallows (Hirundo neoxena) at Orient Station yesterday don't do them justice.

Did catch an Australian Pratincole (Stiltia isabella) speeding past.

And another catching up with grasshopper.

Then again, sometimes catching a bird on the wing isn't good enough. Thus, one of the Striated Pardalotes (Pardalotus striatus) had to go.

And sometimes on the wing means something different, as with these Black-shouldered Kites (Elanus axillaris).


mick said...

Wow! I am in awe at all those on the wing captures!

Linda said...

Gorgeous captures!

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