Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Immature Mangrove Robin stands out

Couple of youngsters stand out among captures with big new toy. Immature Mangrove Robin (Peneonanthe pulverulenta) leads the way, after clumsy tripod-toting chase through dry coastal forest near mangroves at the end of the road through Orient Station, near Ingham.

Spotty remnants of immature plumage will soon disappear.

Another young bird popped up yesterday. Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) juvenile about 60m away peers from huge nest high in Leichhardt tree at Mungalla Station. There had been two chicks. No  sightings at all for weeks. But this bird at least must have been lying doggo.

And another relative youngster lying about the place is 2.5-3m Saltwater Crocodile, sunning at western end of island in the main lagoon at Tyto Wetlands. First confirmed sighting of the species in Tyto for several years. Picture taken with old 400mm lens from about 80m, nearest point of dry land to the croc's  basking place.   


mick said...

Ah hah! the "new toy" sounds great but you've discovered the downside to all that extra weight and bulk. I've gone back to using my 70-300 because I am a bit lazy about the big lens. Have you tried using a mono-pod ? - I found that much easier than a tri-pod.
As per usual your photos are brilliant!

Tyto Tony said...

gidday mick,

Will persist with tripod because monopod not much less clumsy and nowhere near so steady. Understand your point totally.

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