Monday, May 12, 2014

An Azure deep in the darkness

Hiding deep in the early-morning darkness leading to Jourama Falls today, Azure Kingfisher (Ceyx azureus) allowed just one flash and was off down the creek at high speed.

Slower speed from the water tumbling through the grove and under the walkway across the creek. No birds hidden anywhere in above image (to show I'm not obsessed!).

An earlier visit to Jourama caught this immature Noisy Pitta (Pitta versicolor) standing still for a second. Species mostly quiet and much harder to find now. 


Richard Waring said...

Wonderful images Tony, really well captured. The two bird photos are stunning, and the habitat shot gives a great background to the Post. Cheers, Richard

Tony Ashton said...

Thanks, Richard. Slowing down a little these days, so it's likely I'll be chasing a bit more landscape along with wildlife.

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