Friday, March 7, 2014

Time to tidy up some leftovers

Bound to appeal: Agile Wallaby on track at Tyto.

Wrapping up lunch: Orb Weaver (with tiny insect on back) wraps up large obscured prey at Jourama Falls.

Some of the frills: Frilled Lizard lounges back on Euodia at Tyto.

Good red eye, 1: Metallic Starlings on nest low in rain tree near Ingham shops.

Good red eye, 2: Pheasant Coucal up close in Tyto.

Bad red eyed: Came upon moth (Aenetus tegulatus) near home yesterday. Quick bad pictures. Place moth safely aside for better later. But moth didn't wait for  darkness and vanished in late afternoon. 

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