Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seeing and believing swallowed up

Bit of love and sharing between species? Nope, just an ambiguous picture. Sacred Kingfisher pounced on grasshopper and flew up to cottonwood branch. Rainbow Bee-eater turned casually to eye the newcomer. Grasshopper vanished down kingfisher gullet in a flash. Birds flew off a few seconds later.

Close by, my toothy mate at Mungalla Station begins a leisurely descent to the security of his or her waterhole:  3-3.5m of Saltwater Crocodile menace looks unthreatening. Another case of appearances being deceptive.   

Another breezy day, another shot of male Leaden Flycatcher clinging to a fence. Missing pieces? Bits of steel cloned out. Another picture doing a bit of fibbing.


Snail said...

What an encounter between those two glorious birds. Not sure if my money would go on the tenacious kingfisher or the nimble bee-eater.

I once saw a kookaburra grab a big, fat grub from a lawn and fly back to its favourite branch, triumphant --- only to have its prize snatched from its beak by a drongo. A drongo that got out of there very quickly.

Tyto Tony said...

Drongos are notorious pirates, almost frigatebirds of the forests. Not sure bee-eaters really go much on nonflying prey.

Judi Gray said...

Beautiful image of the kingfisher and bee-eater, what a spectacular pair!

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