Friday, May 3, 2013

Tree frog gives snake some lip

Stop stalling and start croaking, Frog. 
You've bitten onto more than you can swallow, Snakey!
It's time I legged it.
I'm a mess? I almost tore his head off!

50 minutes with Common Tree Snake and White-lipped Tree Frog in trees behind my caravan last night.


mick said...

Amazing photos and I love the captions!

Denis Wilson said...

Yes, and that's one lucky frog.
(That is, assuming the snake is not poisonous).
The frog seemed to make itself swell up to be harder to swallow.
Greta sequence of photos Tony.

Tony Ashton said...

Hi Mick: we aim to please!

Hi Denis: Frogs and toads mostly employ bloat defences. No toxin concerns with CTSnakes.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Tony.
On subsequent examination of photo 1, there is obvious foam or froth presumably part of the "bloat" defence you mentioned.

J Gray said...

Great photos and capture... really was feeling sad for the frog.. but alas it was a reasonably happy ending! I didn't know about the"bloat defence" so learned something new :)

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