Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crimsons counter cyclone blues

Super wet Xmas morn at edge of Cyclone Tasha, so festive cheer needs a boost.

How about two cheers for Crimson Finch (Neochmia phaeton)?

And another for Chestnut-breasted Mannikin (Lonchura castaneothorax)?

Greetings to nature lovers everywhere.
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Snail said...

I'm cheering for the Christmassy crimson finch. A very festive-looking bird.

An dhe's wearing a mullet.

Tyto Tony said...

Watched Nutcracker today and principal male dancer sported mullet. Better than buzz cut, I guess.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Tony
Great start to Christmas.
That bird must have been just about sitting on the end of your camera.
Magnificent shot of a magnificent bird..
I love the Chestnut-breasted Mannikins too. They take me back to my childhood days (less enlightened).

Andy said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Crimson finches more decorative than any Christmas decorations I've seen - good wishes for happy bird watching times in some sunny weather! We've been lucky as most of the heavy rain is passing just below us.

Tyto Tony said...

Hi Denis: About 2m. Here's to us all getting close to all things we love for 2011.

Greetings to you also, Andy. Keep uo the great pictures.

Hi Barbara: Even down here we're getting some sun and the flooding's been remarkably localised.

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