Thursday, November 25, 2010

Common Tern not so commonplace

Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) seldom true to name in any part of its distribution around much of the Australian coast. Bird above - one of two fishing main lagoons this week - first of the migratory species to go on Tyto list (terns are tricky: three days to get a picture giving some certainty of ID!!!)

No uncertainty about these two young Pacific Bazas (Aviceda subcristata) near ready to quit the nest near the Tyto info centre. Limited experience suggests parent birds will soon split up and accompany one each of these two. At some later time the parents reunite, perhaps having to shake off an immature before breeding again.     
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Denis Wilson said...

The one on the left looks "noisy".
I'd leave it behind now!

Tyto Tony said...

Squeaky wheels get the most grease!

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