Stork stalk starts Jabberwonky

Could the birds be watching me? When all along I've thought myself the observer? Yesterday, near the coast, this Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) flew by near enough to straight over top of me. Today, almost 80km to west up the Herbert River Gorge, same bird, same slow flight over me. Any more of it and I'll be getting the  J-J-J-J-Ja-Ja-Jabber-Jabberoos.
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Russell said…
It' such a great sight and wonderful capture. I'd be happy to have such encounters everyday!
Tyto Tony said…
I'll let the Jabiru eye-in-the-sky spy network know for you.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Tony,
I think the bird is looking for its mate - archeopteryx! Great shot!
Tyto Tony said…
Thanks, mate. Think it's too young, or are you suggesting I look like a relic?

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